About a year ago, in April 2015, I was making a search on Pubmed about “aging” and happened to find an article published in 2010, written by James W. Larrick and Andrew Mendelsohn. The title was: APPLIED HEALTHSPAN ENGINEERING. It made a good impression on me!

Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating! Something that could be translated into “working on actively to maintain health along the years in our lives”, that is, not being permissive about the degenerative process that has always been said to be inexorable as far as the aging process is concerned.

As a matter of fact, I have been announcing very enthusiastically that the XXI Century Medicine is the Science of Maintaining Health, but I needed to have a “name” for it. There it was: Applied Healthspan Engineering (AHE).

The abstract of the article I’ve mentioned is bellow, as follows:


REJUVENATION RESEARCH Volume 13, Number 2-3, 2010 a Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
DOI: 10.1089=rej.2009.0969

Applied Healthspan Engineering


According to the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, when Eos asked Zeus for Tithonus to be granted immortality, she forgot to ask for eternal youth. Applied Healthspan Engineering (AHE) seeks to address this problem. All organisms have a minimal level of functional reserve required to sustain life that eventually declines to a point incompatible with survival at death. AHE seeks to maintain or restore optimal functional reserve of critical tissues and organs. Tissue reserve correlates with well being. Diet, physical exercise, and currently available small- molecule-based therapeutics may attenuate the rate of decline of specific organs or organ systems, but are unlikely to restore lost reserve. Inherent evolutionary-derived limitations in tissue homeostasis and cell maintenance necessitate the development of therapies to enhance regenerative processes and possibly replace whole organs or tissues. AHE supports the study of cell, tissue, and organ homeostatic mechanisms to derive new regenerative and tissue replacement therapies to extend the period of human health.

In other words, AHE aims to “square” the healthspan curve:


In conclusion, we can now say that it is possible to age but not getting old! That we can avoid the accumulation of damage that actually accelerates de process of aging. As a clinical nutrition practitioner, I follow systematically my patient’s laboratory parameters related to oxidation, inflammation, glycation, methylation and acidification to avoid damage accumulation. An anti-aging diet is essential, along with dietary supplements.

Technology is making possible the ever dream of human beings: to live longer, maintaining good quality of life. The results are amazing! I am most happy to have found a way of practicing a truly Preventive Medicine.

Written on 09 Apr, 2016.